The Social Media and How they Affect Your Life.

People talk about social media all the time. It didn’t appear until late 1970s but has occupied considerable time for most people in the world. The Internet was born for social interactivity, and the connection between people has never been closer today. However, questions surrounding social media have also never been more noticeable. Deep users of social media complain that various platforms of social media shorten their attention span and waste too much of time. The addictive feature of social media may not be debatable, but does it really hurt your ability to read longer articles and prevent you from achieving personal goals? Is there any solution to it?

There may be some alternative explanations and there is definitely some solutions. This blog will lead you through the research of social media platforms, and their impact to ways that people perceive information. It will also dig into the reason for users’ addictiveness and solutions that web developers can help provide.

The Internet, mobile devices and laptops shouldn’t be the ones to blame. If you ever had the experience watching a 2-hour film on Youtube, reading a long PDF article for more than half an hour, or playing with an interesting website for an entire afternoon, you would know that the Internet itself shouldn’t be the final reason.

People tend to browse things fast even when they are reading a newspaper, which may be an old thing for teenagers nowadays. They look over all the titles or appealing photos, then decide if they would like to read further. Social media companies probably just adopt this habit of all human beings faster than other media outlets. People turn to Twitter from blogs because they like shorter things to read. Instagram is getting increasingly popular because swiping through different images is fun and because users can switch between photos quickly. Probably social media did not shorten users’ attention span, it’s just their users like their attention span shorter, so they turn to social media.

Solutions? There will be some. As long as people believe that deeper knowledge comes from longer involvement with the relative subject, they still need to force themselves to focus longer. What makes it easier is for the social media companies to think of some ways to keep users concentrated, and it has never been a easy duty to take.

So what do you think? Do you feel that social media are the reasons for people to lose their focus? And do you have any personal suggestions to social media companies?


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